Working together for the greater good

ITW is collaborating with ultrasound industry partners like Philips and GE to help us develop universal specifications for a low-cost, field-grade ultrasound machine. We are also partnered with imaging informatics industry experts like Mckesson and peerVue, as well as other radiology and medical organizations, ultrasound education specialists, and academic institutions. Representatives and volunteers from these diverse organizations come together for weekly teleconferences; together, we work to nurture and develop this global health solution.

ITW would like to give special thanks to our leading supporters:
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Grand Challenges Canada and the Citizens of Canada
The Joseph Fineberg Foundation
Philips Healthcare
The Thomas Family Foundation

ITW’s program is possible partly through innovations provided by our technology partners:
McKesson Corporation
peerVue, Inc.

Our work has been made possible through the generous support and collaborative efforts of:

The Journal of Global Radiology
Ugandan North American Association (UNAA)
Blue Phantom
Ernest Cook Ultrasound Research and Education Institute
University of Vermont Medical Center
University of Vermont
Bwindi Community Hospital
Medical Imaging Partnership
Pegasus Lectures
Davies Publishing

Philips Healthcare

Philips simplifies healthcare by focusing on the people in the care cycle; patients and care providers. By combining human insights and clinical expertise, Philips aims to develop innovative solutions that improve patient outcomes at lower overall costs. Philips is committed to developing tools that deliver value throughout the complete cycle of care; from disease prevention to screening and diagnosis through to treatment, health management and monitoring; in key areas including cardiology, oncology, critical care and women’s health. Philips, another world leader in healthcare innovation and services, has committed to support ITW’s mission through funding research and providing equipment.

McKesson Corporation

McKesson Corporation, currently ranked 14th on the Fortune 500, is a healthcare services and information technology company dedicated to making the business of healthcare run better. We partner with a broad spectrum of healthcare providers to build healthier organizations that deliver better care to patients in every setting.

Our solutions for medical imaging: radiology, cardiology, enterprise image repositories, image viewers, and workflow solutions offer clinical, financial and operational benefits that address healthcare IT challenges both today and for the future. For more information visit: McKesson Corporation.