Reviewing and Revising ITW Surveys

Date: August 15, 2013 Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on revising OB surveys that are given to mothers and husbands before and after they receive ultrasound care at ITW clinics. The surveys were created in order to give important information regarding the patients understanding and perception of the ultrasounds. This … [Read more…]

Baby Clothes for Nawanyago

Before I left for Uganda, I was told a family friend about my trip with ITW. She was really interested and while I was watching her one-year-old twins we brainstormed ideas of what I could bring along to donate. I explained that I would be giving surveys to OB patients. My friend thought baby clothes … [Read more…]

Women of Uganda

The past 4 days here in Uganda have been filled with amazing experiences and personal interactions, most notably with some of the women of Uganda. I would like to share a few impressions here: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sister Angela: The heart of Nawanyago Clinic. She is a kind, calm, and skilled provider dedicated to helping the community. … [Read more…]

Creative Solutions: ITW Breast Biopsy Supplies

Percutaneous breast biopsies are routinely performed in the USA where there is no shortage of trained physicians or supplies required for the procedure. This is far from reality in the developing world. If a patient with a breast mass presents to a rural health clinic in Uganda they are commonly referred to a regional hospital … [Read more…]

Making an impact: Day #1 of the ITW Breast Imaging Protocol

August 11, 2013 Making an impact: Day #1 of the ITW Breast Imaging Protocol August 11, 2013 It is possible that Monday August 11, 2013 marked the first time ever that breast diagnostic ultrasound images were obtained in rural Sub-Saharan Africa and transmitted for remote interpretation. Sister Angela, Rogers Kalende, a sonographer from ECUREI, and … [Read more…]