A Visit to ITW’s Pilot site: Nawanyago

Nawanyago, Kamuli District, Uganda- population: 23,000 Our first stop is the pilot site, Nawanyago HCIII where the ITW program initially took root. The program was started in 2009 and since then has grown by leaps and bounds. At Nawanyago, we met with Sister Angela, the heart and soul of the clinic. Sister Angela is a … [Read more…]

Uganda – Warm Weather, Warmer People.

Landed in Kampala at 11:30 pm local time. I was greeted by the warm tropical air and was struck by the familiarity that I felt with the ambience, a throwback to my childhood days in India. Very soon, I was joined by another volunteer and we both were received and escorted to the hotel by … [Read more…]