UVM Research

Congratulations to Kelly Cunningham who presented her research project at the University of Vermont (UVM) research day today . Kelly’s presentation topic was: Imaging the World: UVM Image Quality Study. This IRB-approved research protocol was designed to evaluate whether the ITW ultrasound protocols produce diagnostic quality images and whether they are are reliable and reproducible. … [Read more…]

PeerVue Partnering with ITW

PeerVue is partnering with Imaging the World (ITW) for use of PeerVue’s Qualitative Intelligence and Communications System (QICS) IT platform in ITW’s ultrasound imaging program in Uganda. Read about it here.

First training session at new Eastern training center

On Saturday April 23 2011, we conducted our first training session at our new Eastern training center hosted by new partner Montgomery College. Brian Garra and Gail Rouillard trained new member Erin Waks (Richardson) on how to do five different ITW scan protocols. We spent considerable time reviewing the existing posters and discussing possible modifications … [Read more…]

Congratulations Rachel!

Congratulations to Rachel Glaser who won the Distinguished Undergraduate Research Project Award form the University of Vermont College of Agriculture and Life Sciences! She completed her project on “Conducting the SWOT Analysis for Telemedicine Applications: A Case Study of Imaging the World.” – Kristen DeStigter

Time will tell

In distinction to the United States where women make most of the families’ health care decisions, men govern this decision making in Uganda. Community sensitization about ultrasound is therefore important for both the pregnant women and their husbands. One unanticipated but very welcome anecdotal outcome at Nawanyago Health Centre III (HC) is that men are now … [Read more…]