Congratulations Rachel!

Congratulations to Rachel Glaser who won the Distinguished Undergraduate Research Project Award form the University of Vermont College of Agriculture and Life Sciences! She completed her project on “Conducting the SWOT Analysis for Telemedicine Applications: A Case Study of Imaging the World.” – Kristen DeStigter

Time will tell

In distinction to the United States where women make most of the families’ health care decisions, men govern this decision making in Uganda. Community sensitization about ultrasound is therefore important for both the pregnant women and their husbands. One unanticipated but very welcome anecdotal outcome at Nawanyago Health Centre III (HC) is that men are now … [Read more…]

The little things

It is amazing how much I take the little things (as well as the big things) in life for granted – like making it to work without a flat tire. The number of potholes in the road to Kamuli seems to have increased exponentially since the last time I was here. We used to be able … [Read more…]