Global Washington Conference

I am pleased to have had the chance to speak as part of the “Innovative Uses of Technology for Development” panel at Global Washington’s 2010 conference last week. Besides having the opportunity to present ITW’s work to a like-minded audience, I found this conference to be relevant, useful and inspiring. The diversity of the mix … [Read more…]

Rad-Aid Conference 2010

We were so delighted to be invited to present at the Rad-Aid conference earlier this month. This event is an ITW favorite! We so value the opportunity to meet with our radiology outreach colleagues, and learn about the successes and challenges we all face. Co-Founder Dr. Brian Garra presented “PACS and Imaging Technology for Rural Regions”; … [Read more…]

Upcoming Conferences

Dr. DeStigter, Dr. Garra and Ben Johnson will be speaking at the Rad-Aid conference on November 1st in Baltimore. If you are in the area and are interested in attending, register here: Dr. DeStigter will be presenting to the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Committee on International Relations and Education (CIRE) at the … [Read more…]

September Uganda Update

I have returned from visiting Uganda again to work on the pilot site and assess new sites, among other things. It was a very busy and rewarding trip, and I’d like to thank the ITW team for all of their help getting so much accomplished.  Some of the long list of tasks we accomplished are: … [Read more…]

July Uganda Update

Images from over 70 patients have been successfully transmitted from Uganda to McKesson’s pacs server in Vancouver on a regular and stable basis during the month of July. Initial review of the images by radiologists and other ultrasound experts suggests that the images are beautifully diagnostic. We are excited that images are being viewed by … [Read more…]

ITW Pilot Success!!!

“Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence.” — Lin Yutang We are very pleased to announce that ITW completed our pilot trip successfully. The ITW team (26 strong, 14 from traveling from the USA) endured weeks of long … [Read more…]

Uganda Report

After nearly two weeks in Uganda, the fourteen member implementation team in Uganda is alive and well. After some missed flights and lost baggage, the team eventually arrived at Kamuli Mission Hospital to begin the first research project, and to test internet connectivity at Nawanyago, the first implementation site.  The Image Quality Study had a … [Read more…]

Student Perspectives

Some of the insights of ITW Pilot Project particpants: 6/22/10: Javier DeLuca  Today was our second day working at Kamuli Mission Hospital. If I had to write about just one thing that I’ve learned since we got here, it’d be about how friendly the Ugandans are. Everyone I meet, from the hotel clerks to our … [Read more…]

Dr. Alphons Matovu

I am sitting in the dark office in Kamuli Hospital listening to Dr. Alphons Matovu speak with Andrea.   As he talks I glance around his office – his degrees hang on the wall, a few papers line his desk but it is clear that his place is not behind a desk. As the sick line … [Read more…]


It has been one week. What is Africa like? I can only speak on what I have experienced here in Uganda. It is a riot of images, feelings and sensations. It is despair and joy. It is unwavering in its assault on the human experience and it is remarkable how violently we humans strike back. … [Read more…]