ITW 2011 Retreat

Seven board members and ten ITW volunteers attended ITW’s 2011 all-hands retreat in Andover Massachusetts last Saturday, August 6th. The event was a great success! Attendees traveled from Boston, Texas (two cities), Vermont, Maryland, Seattle and Toronto, Canada, to exchange thoughts and ideas on accomplishing the many challenges ITW faces. I was very impressed at … [Read more…]

Small World

Each day, something happens that reminds me that, no matter how large it may seem, our world is an extremely small place. A few weeks back, I was in Pittsburgh visiting my grandmother at her nursing home. I was telling my grandmother about my recent trip to Uganda, when a large group of nursing students … [Read more…]

Continuing Adventures…

After a Saturday evening of reveling on the town with Collins, Picho, and Alan, I moseyed down to the lobby of my Ntinda hotel to meet Frank, who I hadn’t seen since he left Uganda last July. It was great to reunite with my “techno-dork partner in crime” and he was excited to show me … [Read more…]

Coming Along in Uganda

The last two days were frantic, long, but successful days of training. I think we really learned from our last running of this study, as the process has been quite a bit smoother than last year. Our 8 operators have had a steep learning curve, but have climbed it even faster than my optimistic expectation. … [Read more…]

First Day

Yesterday the remainder of the team arrived. Almost. Weather in New York held up sonographer, Erin, stateside for an additional day, while Brian, Gail, and Asha made it late Saturday night. The new arrivals stayed the night by the airport in Entebbe, meeting Alec and me (a volunteer photographer who took the pictures for the … [Read more…]

Visit to Engeye Clinic

I arrived in Kampala late Thursday night, it was wonderful seeing Picho, Collins, and Allan again. On Friday Picho, Allan and I traveled west to Masaka to visit the Engeye clinic in Ddegeya. We were very impressed with the clinic infrastructure, including sustainable solar power and rain capture, and a networked EMR to track patient … [Read more…]

Image Quality Study 2011 Begins

The ITW Image Quality Study is underway! The first ITW volunteer, Ben Johnson, MD (left), arrived safely in Uganda tonight and was met by the ITW team: Picho, Collins and Allan. The rest of the team arrives over the next 2 days. Ben is a recent graduate of UCSD School of Medicine and was part … [Read more…]

UVM Sponsorship

Congratulations to Brandon Chapman and Gwen Fitz-Gerald who recently received $500.00 University of Vermont COM Medical Student Travel Opportunity Awards to present their abstracts at the First World Congress on Ultrasound in Medical Education in Columbia, SC from April 29 to May 1 hosted by the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. The COM … [Read more…]